drawing art in an app

1 - Search for anything. An artist, painting or something!

2 - Draw on the image. It is fun!

3 - You like the image? want to continue working on it? We send the link image to your email!

Education is fun

Drawing is not primarily a creative means of expression, it is an intellectual activity - a way of understanding the world.

The visual imagery that children acquire through drawing is vital to their later understanding of subjects such as geography and maths.

The "draw-like-masters" APP calls for a broader, more rigorous understanding of the power of drawing as an educative tool. This is an initiative to get the whole world drawing.

Drawing and sketching were once activities limited to pencil and paper now thanks to The Rijksmuseum , dive into the online collection and let your creativity run wild.

The Drawing Lesson, Jan ter Borch, 1634

The Collection


Rijksstudio opens up the Rijksmuseum collection for everyone to enjoy, with more than 100,000 artworks made freely available to explore in detail, touch, like and use in your own creations.

Bring together your favourite works, share them with friends or download the images free of charge to create your own new artworks. All images presented in Rijksstudio have been released for private and commercial use. All you need is your imagination!

The "draw-like-masters" APP was developed using the Rijksmuseum API. Each Search result will return the picture and also the title, a small description and the artist that made the painting.

A direct link to the Rijksstudio will be presented to the user on each work of art.

The Rijksmuseum Collection can now be enjoyed by people across the world. Even if you can't travel to Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum Collection is available to you.

Gezicht op de noordgevel van het Rijksmuseum en de Museumbrug in Amsterdam

About this APP


The "draw-like-masters" APP is an an incredibly simple API that can be used by young and old alike.

This API has been build using JSON. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a minimal, readable format for structuring data. It is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is used primarily to transmit data between a server and web application

I am elwebman.nl and I love to create things that are useful. I have developed this app by joining a museum's collection with today's technology.

I am inspired by this and would like to invite users to create their own masterpieces.

The "draw-like-masters" APP is for everyone, young and and old alikes. It is aimed to promote drawing and art around the world.


Method of use:

- Search for anything.

- Click the search button.

- Image will display on canvas.

- Title,artist and description will display along.

- Use your cursor to draw on the picture.

- If you want a new picture, click on 'Reset Canvas'.

- If you want to save the image, click on 'Save Image'.

Oostzijdse Mill along the River Gein by Moonlight, Piet Mondriaan, c. 1903

For all devices


The desktop and tablet version has 3 main features.

The search button allows visitors to search the Rijksmuseum Online Collection. Search for anything, a paint, an artist, something!

The canvas allows for user interaction. Drawing on an image, learning to draw.

We can save your image choice and send you all the needed details (Image URL, Title, description and more ) directly to your email.


The mobile version is used well.

Visitors can search the rich Collection.

Results will include the Image URL, Title, description



Tell us what you think!

Bureau, Abraham Roentgen, ca. 1758 - ca. 1760